Integrated Flight Training


Integrated ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) – Nordic Aviation Solutions in cooperation with Aero Locarno Switzerland

Nordic Aviation Solutions in cooperation with Aero Locarno Switzerland partnered together with the aim to train students interested in the world of aviation through the study of ATPL topics.

The objective is to provide the candidate with the maximum competence before entering the world of aeronautical work as a pilot.

What kind of licence do I get?

Integrated ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) “frozen” with the commercial pilot licence (CPL) on twin-engine instrument aircraft (MEP IR) issued by either Swiss or Swedish CAA under the Aero Locarno ATO.

Where is my training happening? Where do the examinations take place?

The training is divided in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: 6 months theoretical training followed by examinations in Jonkoping, at Nordic Aviation Solutions

  • Phase 2: 12 months practical training and examination, in Switzerland (Locarno), at Aero Locarno SA

  • Phase 3: 1 month of advanced multi crew practical training (APS MCC), in Jonkoping, at Nordic Aviation Solutions


How is the flight training structured?

A total of 210 flight/simulator hours are foreseen, some of them in dual command with an instructor, others as pilot in command only, distributed as follows:

  • Sonaca 201 Trainer Pro: 85h (brand new single engine)

  • Diamond DA40: 35h

  • Diamond DA42: 20h

  • Flight Simulator: 70h

The entire training is carried out in a glass cockpit fleet.

Do I need to pass preselection?

Yes, we do ask to carry out a preselection process, based on the student’s ability in tasks management and basic coordination.

When does it get started? How long does it last?

It starts every 6 months, from October 2020 on and it lasts 19 months.

How much does it cost and which are the terms for payment? What does it include?

The attached quotation details all the costs associated with the training, including landing fees, accommodation and examinations.

Payments will be scheduled with equal monthly instalments for the length of your training so no need to make the whole payment before commencing.

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